Game Launcher

Patcher & Updater

The Ultimate Solution to manage the updates of your game or app by creating patches using the Binary Diff technique.


Game Launcher Basic

Ideal for small projects
$ 149
One time buy
  • Default Launcher UI Template with News, Alerts and Feeds​
  • Binary diffing and small patches building​
  • Patches compression​
  • Corrupted files repairing​
  • Self Updater​
  • Google Drive support​
  • Custom Host support​
  • Unity Integration​
  • WPF Integration​
  • Support for 1 year

Game Launcher PRO

For users that want more customization
$ 299
One time buy
  • All features of basic version
  • Source code access
  • Multi-language support
  • Customize language support
  • Premium support

Game Launcher Enterprise

Complete solution for various games/projects
$ 999
One time buy
  • All features of PRO version
  • Manage multiple games updates in one Launcher
  • Manage multiple games UI's in one Launcher
  • Manage multiple game news in one Launcher
  • Multiple Server/Region support
  • Priority support

Launcher Templates

Do you want a custom template for your Launcher?

Default UI

Included in the packages

This is the Default UI, complete game feed style, show news, images, and videos. Has a Slideshow. Completely customizable.

Game launcher UI

Flat Window

Sold per separated

Replace this window instead your current launcher window.

Show videos in the background, minimalist style, completely customizable.

Game launcher UI

C#, .NET Core & WPF Integration

Game Launcher UI

Includes a complete customizable UI to display your News, Changelog, Alerts, Server Status, or Promotions!

Binary Diff patches

One-click patch

Binary Diff creates a patch with the differences between versions.

One-click diff create


Custom Templates

Customize your own templates or buy new ones in the Unity Asset Store!



Show your News, Apply Patches, Complete Customization, Manage various Environments.
All in One!


Game Launcher was created using C# and .NET Core, so it can run on all desktop platforms. It uses WPF Visual Studio Forms to create your Launcher.

Binary Diff Patches

Create small patches only with the differences between two versions.

This will reduce the download sizes and bandwidth usage by 90%!

News/Feed And Alerts

The launcher can show information about your game/app.

Show your server status, patch info, changelog, and make alerts or promotions!

Supports multi-language!


The launcher can repair itself and your game/app files!


The launcher can update itself, so you can launch updates to your launcher too!

Manage Various Environments

The launcher can manage various environments of an app/game at the same time.

Change between the Public Release and Public Beta environment and apply patches and updates for each one!

This includes showing localized News/Feed and Alerts for each one!

Multi-Language Support

The launcher can show information about your game/app.

Show your server status, patch info, changelog, and make alerts or promotions!

Supports multi-language!

Google Drive / Server Host

The launcher is designed to easily download your updates from your preferred host!


Customize your Launcher applying your own Background, Logo, or by buying a Custom Skin!


The launcher has animations!


Extend the launcher with your own features!

Easy To Use

With a few clicks your Patch/Update will be deployed

Well Documented

Step by step guided with animated GIF documentation

The perfect solution

Explore which solution fits your needs the best:





Binary diffing and small patches building

Patches compression

Corrupted files repairing

Self Updater

Default UI Template with News, Alerts and Feeds

Google Drive support

Custom Host support

Unity Integration

WPF Integration

Multi-language support

Multiple Server/Region support

Source code access

Manage multiple games updates

Manage multiple games UI's in one Launcher


Game Launcher is successfully used in production by multiple games and applications.

Lynium | Music Game


« Online Multiplayer, Automatic map generator based on audio, with world ranking system, map creator for any song, and storage to share your creations with other players. »

Oblium | Trading Cards Game


« Unique RPG-STYLE and CCG videogame where you can compete online with others, buy cards, champions and items using the technology of the Blockchain. »

MADNUGVR! | VR Simulation


« Completely Free Gundam Inspired Universe VR Simulation. Get into the cockpits of all your favorite MS Pilot them to victory!. »

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