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An introduction to the versions and the differences between them


Game Launcher Basic

Ideal for small projects
$ 149
One time buy
  • Default Launcher UI Template with News, Alerts and Feeds​
  • Binary diffing and small patches building​
  • Patches compression​
  • Corrupted files repairing​
  • Self Updater​
  • Google Drive support​
  • Custom Host support​
  • Unity Integration​
  • WPF Integration​
  • Support for 1 year

Game Launcher PRO

For users that want more customization
$ 249
One time buy
  • All features of basic version
  • Source code access
  • Multi-language support
  • Customize language support
  • Premium support

Game Launcher Enterprise

Complete solution for various games/projects
$ 999
One time buy
  • All features of PRO version
  • Manage multiple games updates in one Launcher
  • Manage multiple games UI's in one Launcher
  • Manage multiple game news in one Launcher
  • Multiple Server/Region support
  • Priority support

Why Choose Us

Priority support

Free updates

best Documentation

high quality

Client Testimonials

“I have to say this is the cleanest, sexiest, well documented code and detailed documentation that is clear and easy to understand that I have ever seen, even from my own developers in 20 years!”
Unity Asset Store Review
“I can promise you that this is bar none the one you want. Not only is it easy to setup with probably some of the best instructions I have ever seen for a new product out the gate, or in general specially here in the asset store... It just works. And works well! ”
unity Asset Store Review


Basically, we provide to you 2 Main Features.

1) Launcher Window: like a or Steam. This window will show news about your game and will manage the updates, repair and installation of your game. (The Enterprise version will support multiple games)

2) Game Launcher Core: You can create patches for your app/game in the Unity Game Launcher UI Manager, and upload these files to your host. The Launcher window will recognize the required files and they will download any the neccesary files to update, patch or install. (By selecting the best method).

Yes, you can upgrade anytime, you will only pay the price difference between packages

At the moment there are available the Game Launcher Flat Window Template.

We will submit more overtime.

You need Game Launcher for Mobile devices. Which are planned to Q4 2023.

No at the moment. The .NET Core can be executed in Mac OSX and Linux (The Launcher functions like create an update, patch, repair, etc) but, the Launcher Window UI was created with WPF, which is only compatible with Windows.

Game Launcher Window for Mac and Linux will be sold per separated

YES!, That’s the magic of Game Launcher and Binary Diff, all patches will be created as usual, the Launcher Window only needs to execute an executable file

(Example: MyApp.exe) Some users was used Game Launcher for: Minecraft Launcher, World of Warcraft private server launcher, and NFT’s projects

– Yes, Comment the line 514 Close() in the MainWindow.xaml.csin the PlayButtonClicked ()function

The main difference is: Enterprise version can manage multiple games updates, news, languages and UI’s.

The Launcher will work in the way like works

***Example of operation***
You open the Launcher:
You have 5 games to install.
And you will see the 5 images of your games (just like

Which game do you want?
Select game 2
The Launcher Window shows the logos, colors and news of that game.
The game will start installing, and it will update automatically for the latest version.

Meanwhile you can select another game and start installing it too at the same time.

When you have one game selected it will show all the logos, images, and news for that game.


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